51 RECIPES Ebook {135 Pages} + Bonus Ebook {31 Pages}

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Pickled Plum's 51 most popular recipes along with 7 new recipes, tips and tricks on how to cook healthier meals and be more efficient in the kitchen. 

51 RECIPES is a collection of the most popular recipes from my blog, Pickled Plum. 

These published recipes have been featured in sites such as ELLE, Dr.Oz, Country Living, Cosmopolitan, Huffpost Taste, Self, Shape, Bon Appétit, The Cooking Channel, Men's Fitness, Woman's Day, Cosmopolitan and Prevention. 

You will often see them appearing in "best healthy dishes" lists and roundups.

I created these recipes with only one goal in mind: to offer my readers healthier food options that are still super tasty. I wanted to show people that healthier meals don't have to be boring!

There's nothing boring about this healthy food!

Bold flavors minus the extra fat and calories. This is my favorite way to cook because it's guilt free!

My recipes contain sugar, salt and butter, but they are still healthy.

The difference is that I use them in moderation so that a healthy balance between the food I enjoy eating and my physical health is created. 

I believe finding the right balance is key to maintaining a healthy weight which is why I don't promote extreme dieting. 

This is the food Ben (my husband) and I eat on a regular basis, and what keeps us healthy, happy and the same weight year after year. 

This way of eating is easy to sustain because you are not giving up on the foods you love.  

You might not be able to say yes to cake every night but it surely is okay to have a slice here and there. Even better when you make your own cake because you control how much fat and sugar goes into it.  

Food may be fuel but it's also one of life's greatest pleasures. 

So let's celebrate it in moderation and in a way that makes us happy!  


  • A total of 135 pages that include recipes, resources and images 
  • Pantry Essentials
  • Cooking Essentials
  • How To Make Japanese Rice
  • 51 Recipes - These are NOT new recipes, but the most popular recipes from the blog
  • 6 Appetizers And Sides
  • 9 Soups and Salads
  • 8 Stir Fries
  • 13 Main Dishes
  • 8 Rice and Noodle Dishes
  • 4 Desserts
  • 3 Drinks
  • 2 Conversion Charts 

Plus, you will also receive a bonus Ebook with 7 brand new recipes NEVER PUBLISHED on the blog. 


  • 31 pages of recipes, resources and images
  • 7 brand new recipes never previously published
  • Tips for cooking healthier foods
  • A list of super foods to include in your diet
  • Learning what oils are good vs bad ones (and how to cook with them)
  • Tips and tricks to help you cook more efficiently
  • A printable grocery shopping list
  • 6 flavored water recipes so you can ditch the soda
  • 4 healthy foods you should make from scratch with recipes included

Start cooking now!

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